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Heritage Transport Museum- Trip (Class I)

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational system of Genesis Pubilc School. Our school places a lot of importance on supplementing classroom learning with excursions. We believe that educational trips/ picnics provide an excellent platform for our students to develop interpersonal skills and emerge as responsible and independent individuals.

In continuation with our efforts to make our children self-sufficient in knowledge about every field, a visit to the ‘Heritage Transport Museum’ was organized on  9th May, 2015 for the students of  class I.

The trip was a memorable experience for the children. The museum exhibited a magnificent collection of vintage cars, fighter planes, boats, chariots, bicycles, to name a few. You could see every child awestruck at the sight in the museum. They were equally excited to see the very Indian National Flag planted on the moon. Not to forget the train – Jodhpur Express, which was used by the kings and queens to travel, once upon a time. Children were amused by the elegant interior décor of the train. They not only got the opportunity to see different types of ‘wheels’ but also learn about its invention and evolution with the changing times. It was indeed a very informative trip and a mesmerizing experience!